Technology Portfolio

Examples of lessons and activities that integrate technology.  


These are short videos that I made to introduce myself to my classes while student teaching and to demonstrate my classroom expectations. You can click on each image to view the videos.

class expections.png
intro video.png

ACES Writing Strategy Introduction

These are examples of how I incorporated technology into a lesson on the ACES writing strategy. This introductory lesson was designed for the ACES Writing Strategy, created by Beth Rogowsky (2013). My lesson included a video and review game. You can click on the icons to view the materials.

aces video.png

Poetry Terminology 

This is a Pear Deck for Google Slides interactive presentation that I designed to teach students  poetry terminology.  You can click on the image to view the presentation. 

Journalism: Writing News Leads

These are examples of ways I included technology in lesson designed to review a unit on writing news leads for a Journalism Honors course. Accompanying the lesson plan are a PowerPoint and review game.  You can view the full lesson in the Lesson Portfolio section. You can click on the icons to view the materials.