Classroom Policies & Procedures

Classroom Rules

I have three simple class rules. We will discuss what is encompassed in these rules in class. 

  1. Be polite

  2. Be prepared

  3. Be productive


Depending on the situation, consequences may include:

  • verbal warning

  • detention

  • call home

  • referral to office

  • seat change/loss of partner/group work

  • parent conference


Grades are based on a weighted average system. Students and parents/guardians can access grades via the FOCUS system. **UPDATED FOR 2ND QUARTER - PARTICIPATION IS NOW ITS OWN GRADED CATEGORY.**

Participation: 10%

Homework: 15%

Classwork: 20%

Tests/Assessments/Projects: 55%

Class Materials

  • Mask

  • Writing utensil

  • Notebook or binder with paper

  • Folder

  • Charged Chromebook

  • Not required but helpful: highlighter, different colored pen, sticky notes


Homework is designed to reinforce lessons and is not used as a punishment. It is often used to finish classwork and should be completed on time. 


Classwork is designed to help students practice skills and allow the teacher to gauge student understanding prior to assessments. These assignments may be collected for a grade, and students are expected to complete all in-class activities. 

Late Work

Homework will be accepted up to one day late for half-credit. It will be accepted two days late for 25% credit. Homework will be 0% if more than two days late. 

Other class assignments will also be accepted late for partial credit. There should be a conversation, email or GC private message acknowledging that the assignment will be late. A message such as "turning in late" will not be accepted. If you have an extenuating circumstance, these policies will be reconsidered. Please let me know ASAP if you are experiencing any issues.

The procedure will be as follows for assignments:

1 day late: 10% deduction

2 days late: 20% deduction

3 days late: 30% deduction

4 days late: 40% deduction

5 days late = 50% deduction

6+ days late = 0% score


*This procedure is applied to long-term assignments such as projects and essays as well. 


Academic integrity is of utmost importance in our class. Using someone else's work as your own or taking words from a source without acknowledgement will be taken seriously. Riverside Jr./Sr. High School has a school-wide policy on plagiarism. See the student handbook for reference. 

Any student found plagiarizing work will receive a 0% for that assignment.  A call will be made home, and the student will be referred to the office. 



If a student is absent, he/she/they are responsible for any and all missed work within 3 days of returning to school. If a student has an extended absence, I will use my discretion to determine how long the student has to makeup the assignment. If students miss a quiz or test during their absence, they will be expected to take the assessment upon their return to school. Again, if an extended absence has occurred, a reasonable make-up timeline for the assessment will be discussed with the student. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be utilized throughout the year for some homework assignments and classwork. It may also be used to post information, materials, and announcements. 

Google Classroom is not an accurate source for the student's grade; FOCUS should be used to view grades. Please check that assignments given through GC have been "turned in" or "marked as done" with the proper work attached. If your assignment is incomplete but "marked as done" or "turned in" you will receive partial credit or a zero. 


If there is an issue with your school-issued device, contact the school immediately.

  • School-issued Chromebooks should remain closed in class unless instructed to use them. 

  • Headphones will occasionally be allowed, but should only be used when designated by me. 

  • Cell phones, Apple Watches/smart watches, etc. are NOT permitted for use in the classroom. If a student is caught using their device it will be taken by me for the remainder of the period on the first offense. If a student's device is taken a second time, it will be given to the principal, and the administration will handle returning it to the student/family. Students are allowed to access these devices at lunch time. 

Please use the class website for resources and other materials that will be helpful to you this year!