Here, you will find examples of lesson and unit plans I designed and implemented in my field experiences and student teaching placement. 

Notebook Sketch

Romeo and Juliet Unit Plan

This unit plan was designed and implemented during my student teaching placement and was taught to 9th Grade Academic I classes. This is an introductory unit to Romeo and Juliet which includes giving students background knowledge on Shakespeare and his plays, introducing Shakespearean language by examining Shakespearean insults (students found this funny), and reading the prologue. This unit plan highlights my skills in utilizing technology effectively, providing background knowledge, and making texts accessible to all students.

Social Change Unit

This unit plan was designed and implemented during my field experience at North Central Secure Treatment Unit and was taught to 16-18-year-old incarcerated male youth who had reading levels varying from 5th to 8th grade. This unit focused on using persuasion techniques to inspire change in society and ultimately lead to a conversation about how to use those techniques to make changes in their own lives. Incarcerated youth often must advocate for themselves and make tough decisions to improve their lives. This unit included Flocabulary.com videos on persuasion, Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, a PSA about distracted driving and youth advocate speeches. This unit highlights my skills in differentiating to meet students' needs, making content accessible and relatable, and utilizing technology.

Journalism: Writing News Leads Lesson Plan

This unit plan was designed and implemented during my student teaching placement and was taught to 11th and 12th grade students and one 9th grade student in a Journalism Honors elective course. The lesson reviews material from a unit on writing news leads for a test. It includes a brief review and list of key ideas to study via PowerPoint presentation and a Kahoot.it review game. This lesson highlights my skills in instructing media-based courses, use of technology for review purposes, and one of my methods for preparing students for assessment.

Figurative Language/Introduction to Poetry Weekly Plan

This plan was designed and implemented by my cooperating teacher, Amy Saunders, and I during my student teaching placement and was taught to 9th grade English I Honors students. The lesson format used is the one required by all teachers at Pittston Area High School, and I sent my plans to the principal each week for English I Academic, English I Honors, and Journalism Honors. This weekly plan includes a Pear Deck for Google Slides presentation on figurative language, questions on "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, and introductory notes on Shakespeare and Sonnet 73.