Welcome to my class website for 8th Grade ELA! You will find a lot of important and useful information here. Please look below for your Google Classroom code; this is where you will find homework, assignments, and other reminders regarding our class. Please use the tabs above to find other information such as links to materials, helpful writing and reading tips, and book recommendations.

Google Classroom Information

Click HERE for Google Classroom. 

Periods 1/2 Google Class Code: cqn2ql6

Periods 3/4/6 Google Class Code: 5euyliy

Periods 9/10 Google Class Code: gbdadop


Please e-mail me with any questions: mmickavicz@riversidesd.com


1. Go to www.riversidesd.com

2. Click on SCHOOLS


4. Click on FOR STUDENTS

5. Select Email Portal

6. Your Email Address is your school username and then @riversidesd.com

7. Your Password is your school password

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Note from Miss Mickavicz

I know that times are hard. Please communicate to me if you are struggling. I have high expectations for my students because I know you can not only meet them, but exceed them. With that being said, I am fair and understanding, so please let me know if there are extenuating circumstances that are preventing you from completing your work in a timely manner. I am excited to have you all in class this year! We are going to learn a lot, and have fun.