Welcome to my class website for 8th Grade ELA! You will find a lot of important and useful information here. Please look below for your Google Classroom code; this is where you will find homework, assignments, and other reminders regarding our class. Please use the tabs above to find other information such as links to materials, helpful writing and reading tips, and book recommendations.

Google Classroom Information

Click HERE for Google Classroom Join and Daily Attendance through Google Meet Instructions. Homeroom will be used daily for attendance from 7:51-8:01

Homeroom Google Class Code: wsrj267

Periods 1/2 Google Class Code: suvis6o

Periods 3/4/6 Google Class Code: z6yjded

Periods 9/10 Google Class Code: 3pkv2ce

Acceptable profile pictures for your Google account:​

1. RV logo

2. A profile headshot with no logos or sayings (the only text could/should be your name)

3. The generic one that posts automatically (silhouette/letters of your name example: MM)


Please e-mail me with any questions: mmickavicz@riversidesd.com


1. Go to www.riversidesd.com

2. Click on SCHOOLS


4. Click on FOR STUDENTS

5. Select Email Portal

6. Your Email Address is your school username and then @riversidesd.com

7. Your Password is your school password

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Note from Miss Mickavicz

I understand that this school year comes with challenges. I also understand that some of you may be dealing with less than ideal situations at home. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are struggling to complete work, are having issues navigating Google Classroom, or are experiencing any other issues. I will do my best to help you or connect you with the resources and supports that can. We are all in this together! Stay safe.